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this website has two purposes. The first one is to inform about dramatic theory and hypothesize on a screenplay's source of power, and the elements dwelling at the core of its ability to move us deeply. The second is to help other screenwriters find and develop the two critical elements that determine the power of drama: The lead character and the subtext.

The lead character is our alter-ego, the adventurer that takes us into another, different, exciting world about which we know little or nothing.

Subtext in drama is the communicative effect which pulls us into a theater, into watching a film, into reading a screenplay. It’s here where failure usually occurs. Most often than not, the subtext is thin, causing the narrative strength to wither away, despite the presence of a strong lead character.

If you’re stuck or unsatisfied and know something is missing, we will uncover your screenplay's deficiencies and help you complete the task you initially set out to do, which is to create a compelling piece of work.